Netherlands – ETIAS : European Travel Information and Authorisation System

ETIAS for the Netherlands – Visa exemption of the Netherlands


The Europe Union has announced that ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorization System will be operated in the beginning of 2020.

For those who are not required of a visa may visit to ETIAS eligible countries with ETIAS visa.
Once an ETIAS operation starts, it is expected to strengthen the security of immigration. As the visitors will register their information beforehand, immigration office is allowed to refer details of visitors and judge the entrance eligibility.

Is Netherlands part of EU and Schengen countries?

Netherlands is one of original members of EU.
EU was referred as “The Common Market”, meaning the countries joined agree to trade freely, and make same decision on their agriculture, and industry.

Most of EU countries, including Netherlands, are member of Schengen areas. Which means citizens of each countries are allowed to travel freely without a visa within Schengen areas.
Passport holders of non-Schengen countries should prepare eligible visas before visiting these countries.

Attractions of Netherlands

Netherlands is famous for its beautiful scenery of tulip flowers, windmills, and canals. Not to mention, the city of Amsterdam is a popular attractions among tourists.

The vest time to visit Netherlands to see beautiful tulips are mid April. Not able to make time around mid April? Do not worry. Tulip seasons in the Netherlands starts from end of March until mid May. Visitors can enjoy colorful fields fulled with beautiful tulips.

Is an ETIAS required when visiting Netherlands?

As the Netherlands is part of both EU and Schengen areas, it is high likely for visitors from outside of EU may be required to have ETIAS in 2020.